Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Seriously, how messy are all of your apartments/houses/dorm rooms in this crazy time of finishing finals?

Bonus question. Are you starving as well ?

I will go ahead and kick this off by answering.



Monday, December 12, 2005


The next frontier.

As if I have any more time to surf.

Still, as a huge fan of most things documentary, and especially those with a personal edge, I'm intrigued. Could waste some time here.


I don't understand the oft-voiced logic about how podcasting solves the problem of having too many media choices and not enough time. Great, programs can be automtically downloaded to my iTunes or what-have-you, and I can listen to or watch them at my leisure. That still doesn't give me more time to devote to listening or watching.
my friend sent me the link to this poem that her professor at school wrote.

check it out. i have never heard of the him before.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

So is the blog going to die when the class is over?

No one else seems really into this thing, so I suppose it will.

RIP, little blog.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

From Nothing

Imagine a room that's a big chunk of sky. Imagine a room full of dreams and creation myths. Combine these two rooms. That's Redmoon's winter spectacle/space, From Nothing.

You should all go. Tickets are $12. You reserve a particular time (they let people into the space at certain times every day that it's open; it closes Dec. 23) and they give you these surgical booties to cover your shoes. Inside, everything is blue and white and warmly, dimly lit and dreamy. You can make clouds breathe feathers and smoke. You can collapse in beds full of white pillows. You can open myriad cigar boxes filled with pint-sized installations made by Chicago grade school kids. You can whisper a secret into an airplane window, or give a star to a coyote. You can swing from ropes!

It's such a great way to spend 30 or 45 minutes on a winter's eve. I urge you all to check it out!

Kudos you all for sharing your encyclos today. You done good.
Twothings. First, Jennifer Waronker/Stephanie I have something to ask you, could i please have your email address?
Second, I thought this site : was pretty amusing!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


An article (or two, rather) about recent problems with the beloved Wikipedia.

From one of them: "On Dec. 1, a new flurry of attention came when former MTV VJ and podcasting pioneer Adam Curry was accused of anonymously editing out references to other people's seminal podcasting work in an article about the hot new digital medium."

Is the trouble "further proof that the service has no accountability and no place in the world of serious information gathering" or a forgivable aberration?

There are all kinds of interesting questions about authorship and truth embedded in the Wikipedia story, I think.

Monday, December 05, 2005

reading assignments

Does any one know whether there were reading assignments this week? I think I got handouts, but I cannot find them in my bag.

Best Of

It's that time again -- time for all the Best of the Year lists: best albums, movies, books, moments of public ridicule, etc. Have any to share? (I figure we can just gather them all here.) "Best albums" or songs is an easy place to start, I suppose. One of my votes goes to Bloc Party's Silent Alarm.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Home for me has now become chicago, and I stayed here for thanksgiving. I decided to sty here despite my family begging me to come home, and this is all because of the one thing that I hate most... traveling. I spend half of my thanksgiving break on some form of public or private transpotation. So personally I was just happy to have a semi-vacation. Thanks for giving, me time, thanksgiving. :o)


I didn't go back New York for thanksgiving. Instead I visited my family up in Minnesota. And I learned something. Midwestern people are strange. I am really fascinated by the isolation of midwestern suburban people. One thing I did notice is that where ever you go, every teenager has a basement in their parents house and it consists of either a pool table, a ping pong table, and/or attractive yet boring girls. All the people there are so laid back that it stresses me out. AND, OH MY GOD. "The Mall". or as I might call it, the social gathering of tools. I saw a "cool" lookin’ guy sittin’ around wearing sunglasses. SUNGLASSES. WHAT? Yeah, that florescent lighting in the mall was just blinding. Also, Did you know that there is store that sells hats. You know, the regular baseball kind of hats, with silly little logos that have no meaning and perpetuate the feeling that your cool and accepted into pop culture when ever you where them. And then there was the Goth Store. It’s a place for prepubescent girls to express their simulated anger, as well as to look badass. I really wanted to throw up, but by then I had reached the food court, and their fine cuisine settled my stomach just right.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

does anyone have this weeks assignment. i never got it at the individiual meeting. thanks.

Monday, November 28, 2005


I lost my heart in houston texas over thanksgiving,just for the warm weather and a restaurant called hickory hollow.giant donut signs and general americana. some tumble weed wind.and my cousins daughter mathilde. danced in the mfa with my cousin on a rare night out away from her husband. she has been in zero gravity. it amazes me. danced in the museum amid basquiat paintings to a funky sound track of his favourite tunes. music that inspsired him whilst painting.monk,and funk and stevie wonder,jazz,hiphop.drank copious amounts of apple cider and margaritas.feel renewed.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's Rich

I've found Thanksgiving to be a time rich for storytelling -- my journal always got serious action during Txgiv visits, back when I was keeping a journal regularly. (Well, in fact, Txgiv visits are one of the things that've prompted me to write in my journal since I quit keeping one so regularly.)

So spill it, kids, spill it: how's it going / did it go? (I know you're all tearing yourselves away from family/friend reverie to check the 315 blog...) Interesting moments to share? Yummy dishes, gross dishes? One year our dog Kate puked up turkey leftovers rather ceremoniously at the feet of an elderly aunt. All present were aghast except for said aunt, who didn't exactly seem to notice.

I dreamt of a deceased grandmother last night. And an old boyfriend. Woke up with a headache.

Yep, it's that time again!

Give? Thanks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Dear Susannah I hope you don't think i'm a neo con or something!!my encyclopedia entry on observations of America, and my "nasty liberals" line was written ironically from a slanted view point. and i think there is cinnamon in most things here. This is my first thanxgiving, does one bring gifts? i s'pose food or a token. i think i am going to bring chocolate turkeys on sticks for my cousin's child. My cousin has been in zero gravity, there is a photo of her floating in a space suit on the web and in my uncles house. Unfortunately my rellies live in houston. i have visited it once before and it seems to me u need a car to get anywhere though it will be hotter and i can visit the rothko chapel and meditate. he painted these large grey rectangles just before he killed himself and they are hung in this low lit modernist chapel supplied with grey throw cushions.some people get married in there, others find it creepy. ps don't have any good links haven't figured out how to get them on here, but everyone should download google world- maybe its old news-but its fantastic.please check it out. gogel bordello rocks too- gypsy punk group. lead singer everywhere and in nu film - everything is illuminated- book by jonathan saffran foer. saw gogel bordello anarchist punks sexy ukrainian exhaustoholic carnies at the logan square ball room a few weeks ago. they are wicked. will write more soon. have a good thanxgiving everybody - sophie

Monday, November 21, 2005



Plastic Surgery

People who had done their plastic surgery or surgeries say they went under the knife to make themselves feel better, or to make one look better before getting an interview for a job, or to work in a show business.

People blame the phenomenon of some people’s going under the knife to the people judging other people by how others look, or lack of esteem, or objectification of human beings. In Nip/Tuck people say they have plastic surgeries in order to make themselves feel better. Vanities play a big part in having a plastic surgery. But I could feel that generally the perception of plastic surgery among general public became much more tolerable. Whether looks are covertly or overtly counted in today’s society if one goes under the knife, not pressured by the society or environment, but to make one feel better, I think there’s no problem.

The Before and After pictures of A guy who had done his plastic surgeries.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

My favorite open letter

Here is a very good open letter. It could also fall under a satirical piece about thanksgiving as well.

I know its been awhile....

I know its been a while since i have posted strange links. Here are some definite strange ones.

Very tired japanese buisnessmen

a simple guide to time travel

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Everyone seems to talk about their hometowns a lot. I'll be honest: I'm not a fan of mine; that's why I moved twelve hours away.


My new roommate (Number Four) went to high school with me, and we just spent a long time online looking up kids we used to know.

We're also listening to the third cool thing (after the two of us, of course) to come from Oklahoma, The Flaming Lips.

What makes your hometown/state cool?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

last weeks paper

i really liked a lot of the comments on my last paper. i will definatley exapnd on a lot of those ideas of "getting to know people". I want to continue making a comic book on those same ideas. I think it works better in comic book form because of visual languge. Its one thing to describe all the examples of getting to know people, but when i put it into pictures, the examples will explain themselves. i can express more ideas in a larger scale, because the reader will see the ideas rather than trying to imagine them.

idiot weather

It's in the 70's in North Carolina. Seriously, i've got to go back to the south. How do people survive this winter?

Well, it had to happen.

The cold has arrived. There's white stuff in the vicious wind.

Here we go, people!

One upside: the Mil. Park skating rink's open, and it's free till 10pm at night! (You have to pay to rent skates, though.)

Ice skating and hot cocoa make winter sound so much more bearable, don't they?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I think I'm funny, part a billion.

Two members of 315 just watched R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet.

Yes, six more chapters were added to this genius video epic.

I believe it is sufficient to say that, at one point, a midget, 'Big Man,' emerges from beneath the sink, where Lysol and Hefty bags are usually kept.

If this is not sufficient, please take note of Big Man's suit, which is cobalt blue and most likely came from-- yes-- the children's department of Sears.

Other great things involving children: the Y Control video, and, of course, the other thing R. Kelly is famous for.

While I'm pleased that Michael Jackson has an "heir apparent" who is not Usher, there really could have been a few years before he put pedophilia on the fast track.

Notwithstanding, "Trapped in the Closet" is my generation's "Thriller".

So, yeah. Sorry, my generation.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Distributing Condoms in Prison for HIV prevention

I just met a guy who asked me to sign a petition on distributing condoms in prisons in front of the Barns and Noble.

I just signed on it, because at first I thought it was for having sex when their wives or husbands came, but I feel like I should have thought more carfully before I signed on it.

Distributing condoms in prisons is a kind of promoting sex among inmates.

Is the government accepting rapes in the name of the prvention of HIVs if the bill is passed?

If there are homosexuals in the prison, they can buy condoms and have sex.
I've just had way too much fun here.

Also, check out the creepy "mom-to-be" portrait section.

Here's another article about JT Leroy not existing.

Finally, I hate my neighbors. The girl on the floor below me is just really inconsiderate, and the people next door blast-- BLAST-- Sarah McClachlan (sp?) songs into their backyard. Which is so weird in the city, both having a backyard and using it. Anyway.

Do you hate your neighbors?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

so basically i found the best thing ever.
john peel was truley the best dj ever.
wikipedia him to find out more about him and his career.
but you can download archives of his radio shows here:
the one from the 80's is really good.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

trading spouses

I've never seen this show but, this clip is definitely worth watching!!

Good books

I'm on the hunt for new literature! Has anybody read anything good lately? Anyone have a favorite they'd like to share?


Don't forget to bring assignments 4 - 8 tomorrow.

In case you've forgotten which ones those were:

#4: three character-based options

#5: dramatic monologue

#6: bus story/letter to doctor

#7: comic/secret/childhood memory

#8: dialogue

Texas Proposition 2

Yesterday, by an overwhelming majority, the state of Texas voted to ban gay marriage/civil unions. Again. The Defense of Marriage Act passed in 2003, but yesterday's Prop. 2 created an amendement to the state consitution. In addition to the usual circus of Texas politics, the Ku Klux Klan staged a rally in Austin declaring its support for the amendment. Churches held prayer dinners to celebrate the results and thank God for keeping his finger in the electoral pie. The Proposition passed at 76%.

I don't see how smugly self-rightous you can be about anything if you agree with the klan and maintain functional literacy.

I had this great history teacher a couple of years ago who finally drilled it into my head that you cannot win an argument if you have no sympathy for your opponant's side. That is, success favors those who could plead both cases. It's a handy thing to know, just to bear in mind during times of high political turmoil or intense family discussion. And I have tried and tried to fit the square peg of bigotry into the round hole of reason (heh. that's dirty somehow), but it seems simply to be beyond my limited capacity.

I cannot live the life I want in the state that I was born in. The family heirloom house my mother and stepfather will inherit and pass on to me won't be home to my family, it'll house a living situation, roommates.

This isn't something I think about usually, I know in my uberrationality that marriage is a convention not built for me anyway, so I should say fuck it, but I can't today abide the thought of a door being closed to me, for me, and without my consent. I feel weak and maligned, and in no way the activist. I'm not inspired to act toward change, just kind of wring my hands and despair. It'll pass, and not long from now I'm sure, but I'm having my moment of of public disappointment now.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are you supposed to tip a flight attendant?? This question has plagued me for three years now.

I love ordering a beer when I am flying home, because it relaxes me and allows me to actually sleep. The problem is that I still am not sure whether I am supposed to tip the flight attendant or not. The food comes included, so does the tip?

Because No One Else Is Posting:

Ugh. Something keeps eating my posts. Blogger? The Mac in my office? Something.

Anyway, I turned in part of my encyclopedia for another class and got some really hurtful, unhelpful feedback from one of my classmates: she said the writing was good, but the text was pointless. (Nevermind that all of my entries relate back to one idea, the impossibility of happiness... maybe that was too abstract for this person?)

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had gotten feedback like this? Have you shown your encyclopedia to anyone? How did he or she react?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

First Crush Songs

This is fun for a quick scan.

Feel free to divulge yours here.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Chocolate Alert (level brown)

Well, how about this! The smell that I love and Sam hates could be harmful to our health. Sam, was this you?!:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent an inspector to check out the factory, 600 W. Kinzie St., after a neighbor complained about the aroma of burnt chocolate. The unidentified person did not care for the powder-filled plume churning out of a roof duct, either.

A Hell of Our Own

As I mentioned in class yesterday, I've been lightly researching Blackbeard for a short story I'm writing. This is his flag. One story about him goes like this:

On one occasion, having a mite too much to drink, Blackbeard said to his crew, ''Come, let us make a Hell of our own, and try how long we can bear it.'' Going below into the ship's hold, they closed the hatches, filled several pots with brimstone and other combustible matter and set them on fire. Soon the men were coughing and gasping for air as the hold filled with sulfurous fumes. All of the men, with the exception of Blackbeard quickly scrambled for fresh air. When Blackbeard finally emerged he snarled, ''Damn ye, ye yellow ___ ___ ___! I'm a better man than all ye milksops put together!''

I don't know what went in the blanks. But I'm going to try to use "milksops" on a regular basis.

So my question, which I'm sure every one of you will soon humor me in answering, is: How might you create a Hell of Your Own? What would that be like?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Another Reason to Go to Abs Class

Haruki Murakami recently talked to students at Tufts University:

One of the first things the audience learned is that the reserved Murakami believes the first step toward successful writing is proper physical fitness.

"First train your body. Then, your writing style will follow," the author said, is a mantra by which he lives. Murakami has run the Boston Marathon six times and will run his 34th marathon this weekend.

"I realized that I needed physical strength [to focus on writing for long periods] and that strength helped to develop my writing style," he said.

Need a Quote?

"Fiction-writing's lonely in a way most people misunderstand. It's yourself you have to be estranged from, really, to work." - David Foster Wallace

"As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives." -- Henry David Thoreau

"I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear." -- Joan Didion

"All generalizations are false, including this one." -- Mark Twain



Yo! I never use the euphemism of “Yo” because its too vague. When I say hello to someone I could just say, “Hi”, but they’d be expecting that. I usually say “Hey, what’s up?”, but everybody says that. Lately I’ve been using the phrase “How ya doin?”. That’s an open ended question. I noticed I was saying that too much when I saw someone I knew and we said the same phrase to each other at the exact same time. I secretly felt awkward. From then I decided to start saying “how’s it goin?”. It seemed like a good idea, but then when I see someone, I will always have to have something to refer to from the “it” part of the question. And I don’t want to do that, because when I say “how’s it goin?”, I don’t really care.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Some people are scared of contracting diseases, such as chicken, beef: mad cow disease from beef, bird flu from chicken or turkey. You might eat roundworms in a salad as well. A few days ago a friend of mind complained there’s nothing to eat because of all kinds of disease you can get from eating food. I don’t know whether I should seriously think about Japan is still not importing beefs from U.S. since its embargo on American beef, and bird flu is spreading across Asia, even though there are not many virus transfers from bird to human cases were reported. Some times I hate media in other countries using the issues to get higher ratings or readers, but it was strange that there were not many articles on U.S. newspapers, or news about mad-cow disease when it was first reported, unlike bird flu; I don’t know Americans are oblivious about mad cow disease, or they won’t budge in because they are steak-lovers, or for ranchers. You can also eat roundworms, when there were animals where the vegetables grew; in the animals’ feces there can be roundworms, and the roundworms can grow on vegetables. Every time I turn on news, or read articles they talk about the diseases, and I lose my appetite. Is it a punishment against humans eating other animals and vegetable?

Dollar Store - one year anniversary

A reading/performance series, this time w/bands. Friday night at the Hideout. Good stuff. Check it out if you're over 21.

Filled In Is the New Blank

So when did this "___ is the new ____" phrase become so damn popular?

It's one of those expressions that I see everywhere now, and I wonder if I could've just been missing it before, or if it actually has only come into popular usage in, say, the past five years.

Blank is the new blank. It's like "FYI" -- it rubs me the wrong way, and yet I'm tempted to use it again and again.

So what is the new what, from your vantage? In terms of fashion (which is where this madness began, I think), black seems to be the new black. Square is the new round.

More amusingly/absurdly....

Mittens are the new cookies.
Wishes are the new crimes.
Flu is the new romance.
Corduroy is the new goosedown.
Serif is the new sans-serif.
Milk is the new meat.

Teenage Angst Self-Guided Tour


Friday night party with James.
James was our ride home.
James got drunk and passed out.
Tinkerbell offered me and my people a ride after we finished our drinks.
We went looking for Tinkerbell and couldn't find her.
Two hours later she finds us.
Tells us she's not drinving us home, calls us all TRASH and says we have to leave.
Someone punched Tinkerbell.
5am we are walking in a strange neighborhood in a direction we thought we remembered with a bottle of tequila.
We got home somehow, but I don't recall that part.

Free Advertising for Abercrombie

Yes, that may be all this amounts to. But I can't help but post something regarding the "girlcott" of Abercrombie for their new line of sexy-jokey t-shirts.

The shirts make me wonder: is this merely irony's latest evolutionary step?

Your thoughts?



I saw a dead rat at night while I was taking a walk. I almost stepped on it, because the street was dimly lit. It was on the eve of Halloween, so it was even scarier. I wonder how the rat died. I wonder what if a cat eats a poisoned rat, what would happen. Do cats eat dead rats?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

halloween weekend self timer polaroid.

the best part is, we don't look like we are in costume and that we are just going out like any other night.

Monday, October 31, 2005

"an ever closer representation of what it feels like to be alive"

(Well, for comic book artists and other melancholy types, at least.)

[Chris] Ware's work is both emotional and illustrative, but in quite a conceptual way, proceeding in tense oppositions. He tries to make the drawing "very flat and dead and mechanical, almost like a pictorial language", but the colours are both lush and immensely subtle, perfectly calibrated to mood. "I want the pages to be as beautiful as I can possibly make them. I want that to contradict the stories and the frustrations of the characters"; every day he wrestles his "staccato, jerky, jazzy medium, better suited to telling snappy jokes" into a way of "telling something much more slowly and blurrily, the way real life tends to evolve". The overriding feeling in his work is what David Thomson has called an "astringent melancholia".

Another Halloween Pic

This year I was Edie Sedgewick. Again.

Happy Halloween

This is our jacko. Note the quote-eyes. Appropriate, huh?

What should we name him?

The Encyclopedia Project: V

Vortex, Vortices

1. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

2. The first word that comes to mind when I think about the behavior of drug-abusing friends. I don't mean substances "suck you in" or that addiction is inevitable, but instead I refer to the endlessly looped behavior specific to people who often use hard drugs.

The constant checking of pockets, or the scratching of skin.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Susannah went to my hometown this weekend y'all..

Susannah, How did you like Charlotte/Ashville?!?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

its time to post halloween pics

I began my costume idea as a renegade zombie hunter.
I then started to feel more lke a psycho killer.
Interestingly enough, my costume looks exactly like a charachter from the film ''dead man's shoes'' which i havent seen but have really been wanting to see.

here 'tis
Also, here is a link to the film site. Dead man's Shoes.

and a trailer.

Friday, October 28, 2005

15 things you should remind

1. Do not be afraid of the failure.
-Thomas Edison had succeeded to invent the electric bulb since he had experienced more than thousand times of fail. Magarett MItchell, the writer of
"Gone with the wind" which is recorded as the second best sellers in history, had had to edured about 40 times of refusal before she met the person who could notice the real value of her novel.

2. Do your best to bring out you creation.
-The flame of creation indwelled in human cannot be turned off at one's pleasure. Accordingly, when you try to do something new, upgrade the design, or make the formation of the product new with your courage, you have to do your best to be able to look at them with the third point of view reposed on the creation.

3. Do not ignore the strange ideas.
-Not really peculiar ideas can be often the base of good ideas. Do not throw the ideas away, even though you think they were really bad. Try to talk about those ideas, look at them from a different angle, and analyze them for a good while. You can get those together to make good ideas.

4. Look over farther.
-Unlike usual people, creative people look over the world from different angle. Let's put some useless glass beads on the post on highways. It helps the drivers to find the road more easily and prevents accidents.

5. Pay attention to other people.
-The reason why we think someone is really funny is that we can see the creative one's way of thinking from him. We can easily get the origin of the idea from people who have different setting from us.

6. Start from the realistic point.
-You can make a poem for a married couple of your friend to give them a laugh and a tear. Or you can make peculiar present on your own. As you see, the idea for the realistic goal is able to provide vitality and pleasure in your life.

7. Be interested in small idea.
-The big accomplishment is based on the small idea. The first idea of satellite communication would be probably from the play of giving and receiving the voice by the cans with the yarns between two children.

8. Imagine to your heart's content.
-Imagining to your heart's content is not wasting time but natural like breathing. And that is the only time to make your brain rest in your busy life.

9. Enjoy the strategic game like Chess, Dice, Chinese Chess, and Card.
-Human's brain is going to be discharged like car's battery when it is not used for a while. Strategic games make you bright, inspire, and provide the energy to solve the problems creatively.

10. Learn foreign laguage.
-People can get new line of thinking and pliancy when they learn foreign laguage. Freely speaking foreign language must help your business and social field expand.

11. If you are righty, try to use your left had, or if you are not, try to use your right had.
-As a matter of fact, there is no possiblity that the life is going to be changed by this seemed-mean practice. However, if you use the opposite viewpoint to approach a problem, it will help to improve your creative thinking.

12. Try to keep books without a calculator.
-When you experience that revolution of brain, deprived by the small machine, revives, you are going to feel freshness. This practice makes you improve your concentration of financial flowing beside restoration of your soul.

13. Imagine and create your own ending after you read 3/4 of a novel.
-Completing the novel in your mind is going to be fresh experience for you. Like a novelist, hidden creative ability is going to be appeared.

14. Stand on your hand to provide enough blood to your brain.
-Human's brain loves blood and oxygen. People who have been Yoga believe that acting against the gravity regularly is beneficial behavior for physically and mentally.

15. Enjoy doing a puzzle.
-This practice provides a stimulus and relaxation at the same time. Especially, a crossword puzzle is not only excting, challangeable, and fun, but also improves your vocabualry and intellectual ability.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

halloween costume

here is what i am going to be for halloween this year. ok. here it is....

Egon! you know. that guy from Ghostbusters. not Bill Murry. not Dan Akroyd. you know, the other guy (Harold Ramis)

people say i look like him. i guess the costume will be me with a lab coat and bow tie.

hopefully the costume will be as good as last year. I was Christopher Walken as Burce Dickenson from Saturday Night Live.
I'm known for doing a dynomite impression of him. "fella's, i'm tellin you. Ya gonna want that cowbell." everybody knows that line. i would have love to have done it in class, and make everybody laugh...but i guess not.